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A Charity that provides humanitarian aid through sustainable practices. We collect surplus resources, overstocked, gently used or short-dated supplies from businesses and various organizations that frequently sent to landfills, and we provide the humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable people in Moldova, to refugees, orphanages, seniors, disables and animal shelters. 

Refugee situation on the boarder of Ukraine and Moldova

The border area of Palanka in southern Moldova has become a crossing point for
thousands of Ukrainian refugees, their stories are of entire lives left behind and hopes for a future without war.


Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refuges arrived at the border of Moldova seeking shelter. Moldovan authorities have set up a tent city to cope with the influx of refugees. Another border crossing point is Otaki. There are also refugee camps in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau.


The situation is catastrophic. It’s currently snowing on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, and the refugees have been walking by foot for days and waited for hours in lines for transportation. Severe hypothermia is rampant. Volunteers are rushing to the border to pick up women with children and their pets. The volunteers need assistance to pay for gas, groceries, blankets, hygiene supplies, and figure out long-term solution where families could live.


Many people in Moldova volunteer to host the refugees at their residences which puts a financial hardship on them, especially after the pandemic crises. Each trip to the border costs volunteers $30 to $55. Utilities and groceries in Moldova cost almost as much as in America, most citizens in Moldova struggle to pay their utility bills during winter season.

All donations go toward the cause, and are tax deductible.  Please contribute whatever amount you can. Kindly help us make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate who cannot help themselves. 

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