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A Charity that provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees in Kharkov, Kiev and Moldova 

Refugee situation on the boarder of Ukraine and Moldova

The border area of Palanka in southern Moldova has become a crossing point for
thousands of Ukrainian refugees, their stories are of entire lives left behind and hopes for a future without war.
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refuges arrived at the border of Moldova seeking shelter. 

As we all already know, Moldova is experiencing an unprecedented refugee crisis. There are well over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees currently in Moldova staying at government centers (~5,000) at makeshift centers registered with the government (~20,000) and in Moldovan’s homes (~75,000). The Moldovan government has heroically responded with its limited resources and without any past experience dealing with a humanitarian crisis of this size. The Moldovan people have opened their homes to host refugee families and people have donated food, clothing, blankets diapers, baby food and much more to help people who left their home on moment’s notice. Local NGOs have thrown all of their weight and staffing to understanding the needs of their communities and responding with support. Some church groups have organized refugee centers, funneled in donations and set up hot food kitchens at border crossings.

This is how things are being done now. An effort of many small groups working with the Moldovan government holding things together with bubblegum and hope. Moldova is not getting any help from well-known charities that have been raising millions of dollars from developed countries. No one knows where are all the millions of dollars in aid that the UN and other groups keep talking about on CNN.

The United Nations, which is supposed to be coordinating aid in Moldova, has not spent a single dollar since the humanitarian crises started on February 24th. Why has Moldova, the smallest country with the largest number of refugees per capita *by far* received no help? Moldova, which is not a member of the EU and does not benefit from the protection of NATO. Moldova which had innumerable challenges before this crisis.

At the Moldovan government level coordination still works through Moldova for Peace volunteer working group. But they are completely overwhelmed and working day to day problem by problem. They have not managed to create a database of relief efforts around the country. By all accounts, no one knows where around 75% of the refugees are staying except to say they are “with families.”

We will continue to help these families with what we can.


Where do Things Stand?

Right now, at the border refugees are being served hot food while they wait for busses. This food is donated by individuals, and companies. It is cooked by church groups. It is served under a large tent borrowed from a local brewery. You can see UN stickers on government busses so presumably they have someone going to pass those out. Information for refugees is provided by Moldova for Peace. Medical support is provided by the Moldovan government and small NGOs from across Europe and the US. At the border, Palanca, electricity is provided by a local company that tapped the power lines on their own initiative.

All of this is amazing, inspiring and necessary. It takes time for large international efforts to get deployed. But these efforts on the ground have already bought them 3 months and there are no indications that the cavalry is on the way. Moldova is stretched as thing as it can stretch right now.

All donations go toward the cause, and are tax deductible.  Please contribute whatever amount you can. Kindly help us make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate who cannot help themselves.